Environmental permits

years in the market


Air emissions, discharges to water bodies, waste generation and disposal.


Federal Law of January 10, 2002 No. 7-ФЗ “On Environmental Protection”.

What this includes

To reduce the negative impact on the environment, enterprises prepare standards for permissible environmental impact such as:

  • standards for permissible emissions, standards for permissible discharges;
  • technological standards;
  • waste generation standards and limits on their disposal;
  • standards for permissible physical effects (levels of heat, noise, vibration exposure, electromagnetic field strengths);
  • standards for permissible removal of natural components.

What we do

Integrated environmental permits for category I objects. Declarations on environmental impact for objects of II category.

  • Calculation of standards for permissible emissions.
  • Calculation of permissible discharges.
  • Development of technological standards.
  • Calculation of waste generation standards and limits on their placement.

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