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risk assessment studies to justify the boundaries of unified Sanitary Protection Zones for the largest industrial hubs in the Russian Federation (300 enterprises)


Federal Law of March 30, 1999 No. 52-ФЗ “On the Sanitary-epidemiological Well-being of the Population”.

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated March 3, 2018 No. 222 “On Approval of the Rules for the Establishment of Sanitary Protection Zones and the Use of Land Located within the Boundaries of Sanitary Protection Zones”.

Resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation (No. 25 of November 10, 1997) and the Chief State Inspector of the Russian Federation for Nature Protection (No. 03-19 / 24-3483 of November 10, 1997) “On the Use of Risk Assessment Methodology for Environmental Quality Management Environment and Public Health in the Russian Federation”.

SanPiN 2.2.1 / “Sanitary Protective Zones and Sanitary Classification of Enterprises, Structures and Other Objects”.

"Guidelines for Assessing the Risk to Public Health when Exposed to Chemicals that Pollute the Environment" R

Methodical recommendations MP "Assessment of the Risk to Public Health from Exposure to Traffic Noise."

Methodological recommendations of 20.03.2013, the number TsOS001-13 "The Procedure for Certification of Organizations in the System of Voluntary Certification of Bodies for Assessing the Risk to Public Health."

What this includes

Health risk assessment is the process of determining the likelihood of development and severity of adverse effects on human health or the health of future generations, due to exposure to environmental factors.

It is an effective analytical tool for managing environmental quality and public health safety.

Health risk criteria help to select the most optimal and environmentally and cost-effective management decisions in the field of preserving human health and improving the quality of the environment.

What we do

Perform research to assess the risk to public health when exposed to chemicals that pollute the air; exposure to traffic noise (road, rail, air).

The risk assessment results are used for:

  • territorial zoning (design of the Sanitary Protection Zones for enterprises or natural objects, near-aerodrome territories);
  • decision making on technology development strategy and investment policy of industrial enterprises;
  • identifying environmentally and economically advantageous measures to modernize production;
  • development of environmental plans and investment programs of the enterprise and evaluation of their effectiveness.


  • The result of our work is a key element of many environmental regulatory decisions of your business.
  • You have the opportunity to take optimal and scientifically based corrective measures at all design stages of environmental management, urban development planning, and planning decision-making on the location of industrial facilities.
  • You will receive optimization of investments in environmental protection and public health, due to the concentration of economic resources to work with the most dangerous objects.
  • Using environmental risk acceptance criteria, you will make effective decisions on the technology development strategy and investment policy of your business.

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