Development of the project of the Sanitary Protection Zone

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approved projects

Russia's largest unified Sanitary Protection Zones for industrial hubs (300 enterprises)

Resolutions of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation, sanitary-epidemiological and expert reports received as the results of the projects.


Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 3, 2018 No. 222 “On Approval of the Rules for the Establishment of Sanitary Protection Zones and the Use of Land Located within the Boundaries of Sanitary Protection Zones”

SanPiN 2.2.1 / “Sanitary Protection Zones and Sanitary Classification of Enterprises, Structures and other Objects”

What this includes

Development of the Sanitary Protection Zone project is designation of territory with a special mode of use. The size of the Sanitary Protection Zone ensures the reduction of the negative impact of pollution (physical, chemical or biological) to the values established by the standards.

The size of the Sanitary Protection Zone is determined on the basis of calculations of dispersion of air pollution and physical impact on atmospheric air (noise, vibration, electromagnetic fields, etc.), as well as an assessment of the risk to public health.

What we do

We are developing a Sanitary Protection Zone projects for:

  • existing, designed, reconstructed enterprises;
  • objects of all categories and hazard classes;
  • all types of economic activity.

In the Sanitary Protection Zone project:

  • we justify the boundary of the Sanitary Protection Zone;
  • we confirm the boundary of the Sanitary Protection Zone by full-scale measurements;
  • we provide information about the boundary of the Sanitary Protection Zone in the coordinate system of the Unified State Register of Real Estate.

Calculating the cost of the Sanitary Protection Zone

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