About the Syndicate

The history of the first company within the Research and Consulting Syndicate Cadaster Institute began in 1992 with engineering and design works aimed to ensure the environmental safety of industrial plants. After many years, we offer our customers comprehensive services in environmental design and environmental documentation development for environmental documentation throughout the life cycle of an enterprise.

We prepare:

  • list of environmental protection measures,
  • projects of sanitary protection zones for enterprises and water supply sources,
  • standards for maximum permissible emissions and discharges,
  • standards for waste generation and limits on their disposal,
  • hazardous waste passports and production control procedures in the field of waste management,
  • sanitary and hygienic passports of a carcinogenic organization.

We carry out:

  • environmental impact assessment,
  • greenhouse gas emission assessment.

Our advantage is professional environmental consulting, “first aid” to solve problems which are related to environmental protection and sustainable environmental management and which almost all modern enterprises face. Our experience and efficiency make it possible to quickly respond to them and make only effective decisions.

A separate area of work is health risk assessment. We carry out researches to assess the risks to human health when exposed to chemicals that pollute the air and to traffic noise. We help to:

  • justify the mechanisms and strategy of various regulatory measures to reduce risks,
  • carry out the ranking of sources of environmental pollution by risk levels,
  • make risk mapping,
  • determine the priorities of environmental policy, to carry out priority regulation of those sources and risk factors that are the greatest threat to the environment and human health.

The use of health risk assessment allows minimizing production costs and increasing financial efficiency by preventing the emergence of new environmental risks.

One of the strategic services is the preparation and publication of corporate, national, regional and local reports on environmental protection and environmental management. These documents then become the basis for the determination and implementation of environmental development policies, the identification of priority activities in this area, and the development of measures aimed at preventing and reducing negative environmental impacts.

An important area of work is the economic assessment of natural resources and ecosystem services. We carry out:

  • determination of the real economic value of natural objects for different uses,
  • substantiation of the most economically efficient options for sustainable use of natural objects,
  • economic assessment of damage from depletion of natural resources and degradation of ecosystems,
  • Identification of opportunities to increase profitability from the use of natural objects.

The company's customers are federal executive authorities, executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, corporations and industrial enterprises of the refining and chemical industries, the fuel and energy complex, engineering and metalworking, transport, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Our work is certified by the International Association of Certification Bodies IQNet for an integrated management system, including quality management systems (ISO 9001:2000) and environmental management (ISO 14001:2004).

Company executives are people with active life positions with tremendous managing experience. Thanks to a well-thought-out development strategy, we continue to increase growth rates, striving to fully comply with the status of a leader in the field and aiming to meet high requirements of our customers

Cadaster Institute adheres to a policy of high social responsibility. We support talented students, work with universities and technical schools; promote education for sustainable development; adhere in our work to the values and principles of the Earth Charter.