History, mission and vision

History, mission and vision

Research and Consulting Syndicate Institute for Sustainable Innovation is a unique research, consulting and educational complex of the 21st century working in the field of sustainable development: “from idea to implementation”. Thanks to their own innovative projects and products, the organizations of the Institute for Sustainable Innovation help the business, territorial administration bodies, and local communities to increase their sustainability and competitiveness in a modern, rapidly changing world.


Establishment of the state unitary scientific and production enterprise of cadasters of natural resources (SPE “Cadaster”). The organization was established to implement a wide range of engineering works, specializes in design and consulting services, conducts research activities in the field of sustainable development, environmental management, and ensuring the environmental safety of industrial plants.


Establishment of the Research and Designing Institute "Cadaster" (Cadaster Institute) for the provision of services in the field of scientific, research activities in the field of environmental management and environmental protection, aimed at reducing health risks and environmental risks, ensuring the transition to innovative and sustainable development of Russia and subjects of the Russian Federation.


The foundation of the Institute of Sustainable Innovations, which aims to increase the sustainability and resilience of local communities, organizations and enterprises around the world in the face of increasing global risks associated with ecology and climate change, to support investments in sustainable growth.


The association NPP "Cadastre, STC" Resources and Consulting "and the Institute of Sustainable Innovations in the group of companies" Resources and Consulting.


Association of the group of companies "Resources and Consulting" and the Cadaster Institute under a single brand Research and Consulting Syndicate Institute for Sustainable Innovation.


Establishment of the Scientific and Technical Center "Resources and Consulting" (STC "Resources and Consulting") for the development and dissemination of innovations in the field of sustainable development, "green" inclusive growth, the formation of a sustainable infrastructure of cities and settlements, rural areas.

Our mission

Institute for Sustainable Innovation aims to increase the resilience and sustainability of local communities, organizations and enterprises in the face of increasing global risks, primarily related to environment and climate change. We focus on increasing the resilience of businesses, territories, cities and settlements.

Our vision

We strive to provide high-quality services, work in accordance with the ethical rules of doing business, help talented and qualified specialists to progress, take part in life of community of those regions where we implement our projects and contribute to environmental protection. We create values for business and communities based on conscientiousness, honesty and trust. Our skills help us to stimulate development of sustainability and reliable business. The main advantage of “Resources and Consulting” is implementation of the complex approach based on theoretical knowledge and introduction of best practices in environmental protection.

Our development strategy

Become a leader in domestic and international markets in the sector basing on:

  • innovative technologies and methods of work
  • optimal ratio of price and quality of work performed
  • highly qualified experts
  • up-to-date information

Our values

  • Reputation - we value our impeccable reputation by developing strategic long-term cooperation with our partners.
  • Experience - more than 25 years of experience in the field of sustainable development, "green" inclusive growth, the formation of a sustainable infrastructure allows us to offer the best integrated solutions, adapting them to the tasks of our customers.
  • Our team - highly qualified and dedicated staff - is the basis for a successful contribution to sustainable development. People and their ideas inspire innovation in all areas of our work: from interesting technologies to advanced developments. We appreciate the experience of people and the accumulated knowledge. The leading specialists of the company are experts recognized in the country, authors of unique projects, who have degrees of doctors and candidates of geographical, economic, technical sciences, as well as European certificates of managers and auditors on quality, ecology and risks. We invest in professional education and offer optimal conditions for work and career growth.
  • Innovations - continuous development of intellectual potential and serious investments in new developments allow us to always be one step ahead.

Our goals

  • We want to contribute to a sustainable and dignified future for all.
  • We are proud that our Association is part of an incredible history, which with the help of its knowledge and innovative approaches realizes unique projects. The results for us are not only financial returns, but also a set of unique, pragmatic solutions aimed at concrete actions to achieve the desired goal. However, success and history alone do not happen. A huge amount of effort and discipline is needed, resourcefulness, dynamism, organization and planning are required. Our employees are able to respect these values, so we are confident that our shared success story will continue in the future.
  • We adhere to a responsible approach to work in all aspects of our activity, attaching paramount importance to solving business problems of our clients with minimal costs and risks.