Preparation of national, regional and corporate environmental reports

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regional and corporate reports

preparation of the State Report of the Russian Federation


The list of instructions of the President of the Russian Federation of 06.12.2010 No. Pr-3534.

Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 24, 2012 No. 966 “On the Preparation and Dissemination of the Annual State Report on the State and Protection of the Environment”.

Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 05.05.2017 No. 876-p “On Approval of the Concept of Development of Public Non-financial Reporting and the Plan of Measures for its Implementation”.

What this includes

Federal and regional reports are documented systematized sets of analytical information about the state of the environment, including components of the environment, natural ecological systems, processes in them, phenomena, and results of assessment and prediction of changes in the state of the environment under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors.

Corporate reports disclose the activities of enterprises in the implementation of environmental policies, provide information on measures to reduce the negative impact of an enterprise’s activities on the environment, reflect specific indicators of environmental impact, and results achieved through the implementation of resource- and energy-saving activities.

What we do

We prepare reports on environmental protection and rational environmental management for:

  • national, regional and local executive authorities;
  • corporations, companies, enterprises of oil refining, chemical industry, fuel and energy complex, mechanical engineering, transport industry, food and pharmaceutical industry.

For authorities:

  • we prepare turnkey reports (including text writing, layout and replication), which will become the basis for the development and implementation of environmental policies, the identification of priority areas for the authorities in this area, and the defining of measures aimed at preventing and reducing negative impacts on environment.

For corporations, companies, enterprises:

  • we prepare corporate reports and presentation materials that will help enterprises and corporations manage their environmental impact, increase operational efficiency and rational use of natural resources.

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