Economic assessment of natural resources and ecosystem services

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UN International Methodological Standard for Accounting and Assessment of Natural Capital "System of Environmental Economic Accounting - 2012" (

Federal plan of statistical works (approved by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 06.05.2008 No. 671-p (as amended on 12/31/2018 No. 3052-p).

Federal standard of assessment №1 "General Concepts of Assessment, Approaches and Requirements for the Assessment" (approved by the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia of 20.05.2015 No. 297).

What this includes

Assessment and accounting of the contribution of natural resources to the welfare of society. Economic assessment is the basis for the development of algorithms for improving the profitability and sustainability of the development of territories and corporations.

The indicators of economic value reflect the profitability of using natural resources, the forecast of their depletion and degradation and the impact of these processes on the sustainability of the development of the territory and business.

What we do

  • We determine the real economic value of natural objects for different types of use.
  • We determine the most economically feasible options for the sustainable use of natural objects.
  • We carry out an economic assessment of loss from the depletion of natural resources and degradation of ecosystems.
  • We determine the possibilities for increasing the profitability from the use of natural objects.

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