List of environmental protection measures

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Positive conclusions of GlavGosExpertiza, State Ecological Expertise received as the results of the projects.

What this includes

The list of environmental protection measures (section 8) is being developed as part of project documentation for construction and reconstruction of facilities. The purpose of this section is to prevent the negative impact of the object on the environment. Environmental measures are developed for the period of construction (reconstruction) and operation of the facility.


Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 16, 2008 No. 87 "On the Composition of Sections of Project Documentation and Requirements for their Content."

Federal Law No. 174-ФЗ of 11/23/1995 “On Ecological Expertise”.

What we do

  • We carry out an environmental and sanitary-hygienic assessment of the site.
  • We evaluate the results of environmental and engineering surveys for design.
  • We develop a set of measures to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • We participate in public hearings.
  • We accompany the projects at the stage of reviewing documents (State Ecological Expertise, GlavGosExpertiza).

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